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Advanced Business, Inc.
Accounting, payroll and tax services before, during and after tax season
Tax Services
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Taxing authority representation
  • Tax effects of buying/selling a business
  • TurboTax© Live Associate
  • And other tax-related services
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Tax Services

Advanced Business, Inc., provides taxation expertise to the individual, small business, self-employed, and retired, throughout the year
—before, during and after tax season.

If you need advice on ways to manage your current and future tax liabilities, we're here to discuss those options with you, as well as
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Tax effects of buying or selling a business
  • Taxing authority representation

Our services extend beyond tax return preparation and planning—we also provide year-round payroll and accounting services.
Tax Return Preparation
and Tax Planning
  • Received unemployment benefits
  • Welcomed new family members
  • Filing separately from spouse
  • Sold or purchased a house
  • Child care credits
  • Kids in college
  • Property taxes
  • Energy credits
  • Medical bills
  • Investments
Tax Authority
Are you facing an IRS or state tax audit? It can be an overwhelming experience. Perhaps we can provide you with Taxing Authority Representation. Give us a call.
Tax Effects
of Selling Assets
Have you sold assets, such as a house, land, equipment or other asset, in the past year? You may need help determining whether you have depreciation or capital gain from the sale that should be reported in your tax return. Contact us for help.
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Call (586) 758-4630 for help with your tax concerns.
* Zoom© — an online video and audio conferencing (meeting) tool similar to Skype©
** Intuit QuickBooks© — an accounting software package designed to serve as a record management system for organizing bills, business transactions, and payroll functions.
In accordance with CDC guidelines, please wear a mask or face covering while in our facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

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